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Sunday, October 31, 2010

College Comp. II, Unit 3 discussion. Remaining questions.

Well, I'm having a heck of a time with this topic. I want to just journal about my daily experiences. My favorite choice of topic (within the broader subject of autism) was: "Do demonstrations of affection help them? In a professional setting, what is permissible? How much is too much?"
My thesis statement would be: "Demonstrations of physical, emotional and behavioral affection in a professional setting aid autistic children in feeling calmer, safer, happier and therefore, more functional.
However, finding information on this topic is proving very difficult. Perhaps I am not correctly entering the search parameters, but I've tried many, to no avail.
The primary document from the Kaplan Library is:
Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry; Nov2007 Supplement 2, Vol. 41, pA113-A500, 380p (authors and subjects covered too numerous to cite here).
What I found in this series of articles that appealed to me was: nothing. What I want to learn is either not in the Kaplan Library, or has not been addressed in a (to me) usable form.
Therefore, I find that changing my thesis is really the only sensible way to go. So, to begin with this new topic, my thesis statement reads thus:

" Repetitive, ritualistic behaviors occurring in autistic children not only help define their disability as distinct from other disorders, but they help them cope in everyday situations and help them order their world."

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