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Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank goodness Barb reminded of the blog - I missed the assignment!

What advice would you now give to someone writing his/her first scientific paper?
I would advise someone taking this class to start thinking and free/pre-writing just as soon as possible. My topic kept changing, and I know that happened for others as well. That's nothing to be worried about; in fact, it helps you become very focused on the topic you DO eventually choose.

• What areas do you feel you strengthened in the past 10 weeks?
I feel I overcame a good bit of anxiety in the past ten weeks, and also that I learned how to write a research paper. I feel I now know 'the Rules', so I can write in APA format.

• What areas do you feel still need improvement in regards to writing?
Well, I still do get writer's block. For example, it was emotionally difficult for me to stay with my topic. In another class, I just could NOT grasp what the professor wanted at all (I felt topic needed at least 10 pages, and though I was told to write AT LEAST 3-5 pages, turns out I was restricted to those 3-5 pages). So, I learned I like to write in depth, which I see as a good thing. But I'm being taught that it's not usually a good thing, as people want to get right to the point (understandable).

• Any final thoughts or statements to make before we wrap up?

I'm going to miss Barb and ALL my classmates - this was a wonderful class. I hope we all got A's! Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

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