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Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and yummy leftovers!

Hello all -

God, I hate to complain, but I've got to get the following out of the way: I'm SO tired of being so sick and tired! I have been in constant pain for over a decade now, and am having a nasty flare-up of fibro (due, I'm sure, to loss of job and to dealing with the person who calls herself my mother - Lord, I really would love to be done dealing with narcissists!). On top of that, I've had a #*$!& of a 'virus' (what the doctor is calling it; and cannot treat it; still, I've heard of others who have been dealing with it) that has me feeling weak, in great all-over pain; a sometimes unbearable sore throat that comes and goes, painful sinus and headache. I just want to sleep, which probably would be good for me; but I was raised in New England, and severely get 'the guilts' when I'm not doing something! So, I'm a continent divided against itself, which I also know doesn't help.
Okay, now that that's out of the way, is there anything fun to say? Let's start with my darling rats. Remy (a very large, VERY 'zoftig' black satin female) has been cuddling a bit more when I take her out of my dresser drawer where she lives. But she nips when she cuddles - ouch! She also is a 'french-kisser', who gets a little too into it (I don't know WHY rats do this, but they LOVE to lick your teeth and lips, and some get so into it they would climb down your throat if you let them; I've seen this on 'Petstar' enough to know it's not just my babies. No, it's not gross (although people can be grossed out), as rats are even cleaner than cats), and so I have to make her stop. My 'blonde bombshell', Edie, is the most affectionate of all my girls at present (she and Erzuli take turns, it seems), but she is loving sleeping in the drawer with Remy even more. 'Zuli is quite aloof as of late, just like her archetype (she's named after an African form of the goddess, Venus) can be. She is so petite, you just want to eat her up.
So, my 'contraband' boy (I'm only supposed to keep one sex, but I could no longer stand being without a boy, as they are more cuddly and funny), Darwin, headlines this week. He is the best behaved rat I've ever had. It's as if he went to rattie finishing school. I have to swap out the girls and the boy (when he sleeps with me, the girls are in their giant 5 star hotel of a cage; then he gets the cage when the girls get the bedroom) so there's no litters. The girls love their cage, but after two days, get antsy; so they need to come out. But Darwin adores his cage; he especially loves the ceramic 'chinchilla bathhouse' (shaped like a little chinchilla), and could spend the rest of his life in there. He tears at the newspaper and builds himself a 'fort', so that it's quite difficult to find him, even though he fills the bathhouse! He is SO GOOD, that I can leave the cage door open so that he has the option of coming and going as he will; this rat NEVER runs off and hides. He won't come out on his own yet, but when I take him out, he cuddles with me and Dionysios (the cat shown with Oz) for awhile, and when he's done, he just clambers back in. He also loves being in my bedroom, and just stays in one spot under my covers the whole time. When I'm falling asleep and turn from my back to my side, he snuggles up along my spine, so that we are 'spine-to-spine'. He just discovered 'french-kissing', too; so now he's really 'my' rat, as we've undergone the 'bonding-by-spit' routine. I just adore him! Thank god for him; I was missing my other boys so much I was trying to take at least one back!
So, if anyone is reading this, does anyone have any brilliant insights as to where I (being disabled and only able to do limited work, about 20 hours a week, preferably from home) can find work? I tell you; it's MUCH more work being unemployed that it is being employed. I have been looking for a 'work-at-home' call-center/customer support job, as I think I'd be quite good at it. Thus far, no luck. I've been looking at every sort of job I can think of. I'm open to suggestions! Of course, I continue to do my intuitive readings for clients, but at present, that is extremely slow.
So, what is happening with all of you?

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