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My Sweet Angel
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Work on the College Comp. II paper

This continues to be a difficult paper for me thus far, because I'm hurt and sad about losing my job because of an overbearing and unreasonable bully. I miss the children.
The more I explore all the ways these children are hindered and how they might be helped, the more I want to change the focus of the topic.
I cannot help but feel that we are seeing an increase in autism because our society is becoming increasingly overstimulated. I know that I, myself, often want to retreat into my own world because I simply cannot take in anymore. I watch people of all kinds utilize a vast array of defenses against the 'outside world'. I think this topic would provide extremely valuable information for ASD people and actually, for all people. However, I cannot find research on the subject; therefore, it would have to be 'ground-breaking' and research studies would have to be devised. Perhaps down the road we'll be asked to do something like that.
What do you all think of this theory?

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